Saturday, July 9, 2011

Episode 30: Warrior...Princess...Tramp...

Yay! Another Xena lookalike episode! Now stay with me because this episode is going to get a little confusing.

We get to see Princess Diana again, she has a baby and the king is dying. This means they need Xena... I'm not sure why either.

Anyways, Joxer is in a bar bragging about how spectacular he is and how many times he has saved Xena, Gabby comes along and sets him right by punching him in the arm. THEN they start quibbling about where Xena is because they both saw her somewhere different. Hmmmmm....

Then we do see Xena, sitting in the castle drinking wine and stealing a spoon with her boobs. Um?

Then Gabby comes in telling her they need to work on communication and Xena throws her in the dungeon! You should be suspicious by now.

It's MEG! She's basically some promiscuous bar maid this evil guy is using to get to Diana and rule the kingdom. The usual. I love Meg! She's hilarious and goofy and CRAZY. Lucy Lawless plays her to perfection.

Moving on! The real Xena gets to the bar she was supposed to be meeting Gabby at, and obviously something is amiss. Thugs attempt to attack her - FAIL! She pulls the old fire breathing trick! Lucy Lawless is so cool.

Meanwhile, Meg is practicing being Xena in the mirror and it's HILARIOUS.

"The name's Xena! That's Xena, with a capital Z!"

That's just great stuff right there.

Then Joxer comes to the castle to apologize to Xena for spreading rumors about her and him being intimate. Except they're NOT rumors because Joxer really does think he slept with Xena because he slept with Meg pretending to be Xena! Don't ask me why but Meg is obsessed with Joxer. It's kind of cute I must admit. Plus there is a whole bunch of sexual innuendos happening and Ted Raimi is being all adorable.

Unfortunately for Joxer, Diana comes along the hall just after he managed to resist Meg, but since he doesn't know Xena has two lookalikes, he thinks it's Xena again in a different dress and grabs her ass. Into the dungeon he goes!

OI! This episode is crazy. Now we have Meg pretending to be Diana in order to throw off the real Xena who just arrived in the castle.

Gabby is getting increasingly pissed off and a little crazy because no one is telling her what's going on or if her getting thrown in the dungeon is part of the plan or not.

Meg as Diana is attempting to stay in character by rocking the baby to sleep and singing a lullaby. Her lullaby is the classic "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall". Oh, Meg. How I adore thee.

Lucy Lawless is so great at comedy! Seriously, every single episode with a Xena lookalike is just fantastic. There are so many great little moments.

Joxer is now hanging out in Diana's room because Meg as Diana made Joxer think she was in love with him too. Poor Joxer, he just can't catch a break! The real Xena comes into the room and Joxer gets his ass kicked for coming on to her, But luckily they both figure out who Meg is and head down to the dungeon to get Gabby out.

Gabby has gone nuts. "I know what the plan is, you're trying to drive me INSANE!"

Did I mention how much I also adore Renee O'Connor's comedic talent? Because I do! These ladies are just too hilarious together.

Sooooo after proving to Joxer and Gabby that she is the real Xena by using the chakram, they decide to split up and try to find Diana and capture Meg.

Joxer is all, "How am I supposed to know who the real Diana is?" Xena responds with, "Well, if you come across a woman and she looks exactly like me and she displays any interest in you whatsoever as a man, that's the bad one." Bahahaha!

Then of course Joxer: "She is bad! (grins) Reeeeeal bad."

Oh you three.

Xena and Gabby concoct a plan which leads them to the place Diana is being held. They rescue her and run back to the castle! Where their baby has been kidnapped. Ah!

Gabrielle finds Meg and they get into a little cat fight and I can not tell you enough how much I love watching Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor rolling around on the floor together fighting.

They are SO FUNNY. Their chemistry just permeates everything they do. It's a beautiful thing.

So Gabby wins the fight and then Meg tells her life story and we get more sympathetic towards her. She's had a pretty rough life. Plus, like I've said, she's adorable.

Evil guys attack! Meg turns good! Kinda... she'll always be a little baaaaaad (as Joxer so astutely stated) but ultimately she's got a good heart.

More evil guys attack! Xena and Gabby save the day!

Diana gets her baby back, Meg gets a job offer from the king to be the official head cook (Aw), and our hilarious and adorable heroes walk off to fight another day.

Joxer stays behind to get it on with Meg. The end!

*Neither Xena nor her remarkably coincidental identical twin, Diana, were harmed during the production of this motion picture. Meg, however, suffered minor injuries while preparing Aardvark nuggets for King Lias.*


  1. I <3 Meg. I'm sure Lucy had a blast playing her.


  2. I bet! I saw an interview at one point where she talked about how much she loved playing different characters on Xena and getting to change it up.

  3. i enjoy this one because its joxer and meg's first episode together along with all the xena/gabby of course. lol. and i always loved how even though joxer had that crush on gabby for years he ended up marrying meg who looks just like xena