Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episode 11: The Black Wolf

NINJAS!! So they're not reeeeeeally ninjas. Maybe like the Greek equivalent? Whatever, there's a band of Greek ninja's running around doing a Robin Hood type thing. Xena swoops in to help them out because she is like the quintessential vigilante that all other vigilantes wish they could be.

The Greek ninja's get captured and Xena goes all undercover to figure out who the leader of their little gang is. Anyone else think she and Rizzoli would make the BEST detective pair EVER? Complete with sexy blond sidekicks and LOADS of subtext. Oh, man. I'm getting so way off brain topic with ideas about crossovers and time machines... Gah! Back to Xena!

So Gabby has figured out Xena got captured but since she doesn't know Xena's plan, she takes things into her own hands. This is what happens when you don't COMMUNICATE ladies. She decided to throw a tomato at the evil guards so she can get captured too. Of course she does. But before she can accomplish this goal, she meets SALMONEUS! I love this character so much. He just cracks me up every time he is in a scene.

Naturally, Gabrielle's plan utterly fails and she ends up getting Salmoneus thrown in jail.

Let's get back to Xena who is being tortured somehow by being trapped under water. She's not worried! Look at that mischievous glint in her eye! Remember that drinking game I told you about? Do double shots for the Xena war cry UNDERWATER as she breaks free. Ridiculously awesome I say.

Then we get this gloriousness from Salmoneus as he is unceremoniusly tossed into the dungeon. "Wait a minute. Those boots! That leather! Those legs! XENA!"

Plus, this gives me an excuse to do a screen cap of Lucy Lawless' thigh ;)

Aw, yay! Gabby finally gets herself thrown in jail with use of a pie to a guards face! Look how proud she is of herself. "It was really nice of you to walk me down here personally." She says to the guard she pie'd. AH! SHE IS SO CUTE!

Then this spectacular exchange occurs.

Gabby: "Excuse me! Have you seen Xena? She's tall. She's beautiful! Piercing blue eyes. She swings a mean right hook! Looks like she might have swung it already..."
Xena: "What in gods names are YOU doing here?"
Gabby: "Xena!" (gratuitous touching) "You get yourself thrown into a dungeon and you expect me to do nothing! You should know me better by now."
Xena: "I should."
Gabby: "I figure two things. One! If your here, it's because you wanted to be. Which means you have a plan to get out! And two, you're gonna need my help. You couldn't ask for it, of course, that's not you. BUT you knew I'd get down here, and bring you this. Oh, and this!"

Now, what we have proved here is that Gabrielle knows Xena so completely, that she has complete faith in throwing herself into a dungeon just to be with her and trust Xena to get her out. Also, that she knows Xena wouldn't ask for help even if she might need it. Also, that she has a great fashion sense as evidenced by oh so cleverly disguising the chakram in her hat, and Xena's whip as her belt. You clever minx.

Salmoneus comes over and starts complaining to Xena that Gabrielle is the one who got him tossed in here.

Gabrielle: "You know, you wouldn't be here in the first place if you'd kept your hands off my tomatoes!"

Xena's face in reaction to that statement is PRICELESS.

We find out the Greek ninja's leader is an adorable lady person! This show is all sorts of chalk full of girl power. She's going to be executed! OH NOES! Don't worry, Xena saves the day, as usual. But this time Gabby helps! With her trusty staff. YEAH! Sidekick power!

Oh, man. This was a fun episode to recap. So many good moments and awesome dialogue! And it just gets better. Stay tuned!

Sorry, no fun disclaimer for this episode. Someone must have been slacking :P


  1. I'm re-watching it as I write this and I have to agree it's quite an episode! Just a few things I liked about it: Just love Xena's hair on this one. It looks real! It looks so nice when it's just pinned on the sides like this.
    Xena and water.. my, I could write an essay on that, but I'll stick to the 'no matter what, she always looks gorgeous, just add water for extra gorgeous'. The thigh... well *nosebleed* Even though it was sarcastic, loved how she addresses Salmoneus. That tone made the hairs on the back of my neck jump. There are other eps where she seems to be a little flu-ey and the voice just shows it. But I don't mind! :D
    Gabby is hilarious, cute as a bunny :P

    Thanks again! (^_^)b

  2. It's a good thing Xena seems to love water so much!!

  3. great recap. love the part where gabby was talking about xena's eyes and beauty. and salmoneous should know xena is the only one who gets near those tomatoes. lol