Friday, June 17, 2011

Episode 23: Death Mask

Sorry for the lack of posting today folks. It's that time! Grad school time. So from now on I will probably only be able to do one or two a week. I'm going to finish this one tonight, and then I'll do one on Sunday so we will have finished season one! Tomorrow (Saturday) is my lady's birthday so I will be making her feel special all day. No time for blogging! But Sunday for sure.

Onward! Gabby and Xena are chatting. Gabrielle is talking about how awesome it is that Xena can catch speeding arrows in her bare hands. Gabby wishes she could do it too.... WELL LOOK AT THAT SHE JUST DID!

You know, I'd like to miraculously be able to do stuff just by wishing it. I wish I could surf. I wish I could do back hand springs. I wish I could cook. Yep, that would be nice. Too bad I don't live in a TV show as cheesy as Xena. Oh, well.

Moving on! Our heroes are being attacked by some guys with dumb metal masks. Apparently this means something to Xena as evidenced by her INTENSE face.

Blah, blah, blah, plot stuff about this evil thug guy who makes all his army wear some dumb masks. We find out this is the same guy who destroyed Xena's village and made her all evil and crazy in the first place. Gabby puts it best though. "So he's the one who made you so... you know. Aggressive?" Ha!

Fighting, screaming villagers, looting, Gabby saves some kid, more fighting, Xena and Gabby scare off the army. The usual stuff. Hm, some tall, dark haired, blue eyed man from the evil army looks back at Xena in recognition. Who could that be? If you guessed Xena's brother, you'd be right! This is her older brother that didn't die in the raid on her village so many years ago.

So they are catching up and stuff. He joined the evil army to get close enough to the guy who killed their other brother and kill him. Xena's all angry because she's all about bringing people to justice and not murdering them. Basically, they dislike each other.

They come up with some plan involving pretending to hand Xena over to the army so she can get closer. What's ACTUALLY important is the return of the Breast Dagger! YAY! She pops it out of her BOOBS! With no hands! Just her powerful boob muscles. It is GLORIOUS. I freaking love this weapon.

Meanwhile, Gabby is "listening with her body" to train herself how to catch more speeding arrows. She's so adorable.

Ugh. More boring plot things are happening. Brother and sister are squabbling but manage to make it to the main evil thug guys quarters. There's a bunch of stuff about how he's been masquerading as a king and sending battle moves to his thug army via messenger doves, but it's all very boring and I don't care. He manages to escape them anyways.

Let's look at how cute Gabby is again!

She's practicing catching arrows with some little girl shooting... paint plungers(?) at her. Whatever, the point is that she obviously isn't very good at it and that first time must have been a fluke.

Xena and her brother are fighting again.... He runs off to try and capture and kill the bad guy on his own. Which is a totally fail idea and he gets caught, tied to a tree, and beaten. Xena comes to save him and lets herself be captured so they can, yet again, get close to evil thug guy. Which they do, after a bunch of plot stuff and a heart to heart sibling chat that stops them arguing with each other.

So by learning to get along they also learn to fight together and bring in the bad guy! Awwwww. There's a lesson here. It's a good one, I'm sure. Personally though, my sisters are annoying as hell. But I love them anyways! Maybe THAT'S the lesson... Hmmmm.

*No messenger doves were harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, several are reportedly missing in action and search and rescue efforts are under way.*


  1. There's an interesting little note about this episode which I seem to recall reading over at
    In the original script, there was a scenelet that was cut with Toris and Gabrielle discussing Xena. Toris was supposed to make mention of the first time he ever heard Xena's famous battle-cry: seems they were little kids and he (like any good older brother/tormentor) threw her centaur doll in the river...

  2. Aw! That's adorable! Thank you for sharing that little tidbit. I love stuff like that!

  3. the first arrow was aiming xena not her, that's why she caught that first arrow XD