Monday, August 15, 2011

Episode 39: A Day In The Life


Alright, I'm done with my all caps tangent. I didn't even press the caps lock for that. I just held the shift key down the whole time. I'm now thinking that was ridiculous. As is the amount of capital letters. Oh well! I don't delete things here on this blog. Things just spew forth from my brain into my fingers and onto the screen! Makes it more fun that way. Let's move on!!

Firstly, a disclaimer. This episode is way too awesome for me to give it appropriate justice in a tiny post. Just do yourself a favor and go watch it again. There are so many little moments that are super cute/hilarious/spectacular that I just can't fit them all in. So go watch it! I'll still be here.

Waking Up: We open on a fight scene and Xena is beating up baddies with a frying pan. Their only frying pan as Gabby points out in annoyance. And as Renee points out in the video commentary, "It just cracks me up. The marriage is in place, right." Because, in the words of Lucy Lawless, they're married man!

Xena: "I like to be creative in a fight. It gets my juices going!"
Gabby: "Can we cook with your juices?"

Oh, you two.

Finding Your Way:
I love this screen cap. Love love love love love! I love it when Xena grabs Gabby. Also, Renee's face is glorious.

Making a Decision: Gabby weighs the pros and cons... Xena flips a coin. Now we know how the decisions are made.

Xena and Gabby are basically playing 20 Questions and it is adorable. Gabby tries to hit Xena with her staff. It is a failure.

Gabby: "I almost got you that time."
Xena: "No. You didn't."
Gabby: "What are you talking about? I was this close!"
Xena: "You were this close, because I let you get this close."
Gabby: "We'll see."
Xena: "Oh?"

Challenge accepted! Now they are off to fish for breakfast.

There is a dead fish in this lake scene and Lucy is very concerned about it. And no one can figure out why the heck it is there. "Just go get the dead one Xena!" lol.

Instead Xena decides to catch an eel for Gabrielle. Which she then tosses at Gabby. It's pretty gross. Xena makes a beautiful face. And poor Renee apparently got pelted with fish over and over again as she cringes in the video commentary from the sheer memory.

I love this. Look at Xena's adorable dirty toes. Also the eye goggling.

Screw it. I'm doing another one. Because I can.

Gabby uses Xena's chakram to cut off an eel's head. Funny how she really seems to be struggling getting the chakram through that eel, yet it slices through metal, wood, and rock so easily... That chakram, it has a mind of its own I tell you!

A Call From Nature: Gabby's being all cute acting out one of her scrolls. Theeeeen we figure out that Xena just used a part of her scroll to wipe her butt. Angry Gabby is angry.

Lucy: "They love to torture each other, eh?"

Too true. too true. It's what makes them soul mates. No one can annoy you as much as the person you love.

Giving Directions: I love how Xena just grabs Gabrielle all the time. The ear, the hair, the boobs. It's all good.

According to Lucy Lawless in the video commentary, she wanted Xena to be illiterate but they (Tapert and Co.) thought that would make her seem too dumb. I think that it would have been pretty hilarious, but I get why it wouldn't have worked. Anyways, there is a naked Gabby and Xena in a hot tub right now. Lets just do a bunch of screen caps, shall we?

Awwwwwwww, Renee blushed when she read the soap bit in the script. That's just ridiculously cute.

Xena: "Are you sitting on the soap?"
Gabby: "I was wondering what that was..."

Hee. Then they have a splash fight. GAY. All logic points to a lady on lady splash fight with that much chemistry ending in making out. Just saying.

Practice Makes Perfect: Gabby tries to hit Xena with her staff again. It fails again. We also find out that Gabrielle traded Xena's whip for a new frying pan. By the way I have completely ignored the gloriousness of Alison Wall aka Minya, but this episode is her first appearance and I love her.

Trial and Error: Xena invents the kite!! Let's also point out how great it is that Gabby and Xena argue all the time. SERIOUSLY. They are just so perfect together. Even when Xena's "flying parchment" knocks Gabby out. They still looooove each other.

Gabby tries to get the drop on Xena AGAIN. As Lucy says, "She's a baaaaaad little minx!" Indeed! See how she cleverly pulls herself up off the floor?

Waiting for Gareth: Xena plays around with her chakram and it is hysterical. Like she's just bored and throwing it around. Great stuff.

Blah, blah, blah, Xena kills the big bad giant with her kite/electricity invention. And that is the only plot this post gets!

Going to Bed: Xena and Gabby are sharing a bed roll and being all cute side by side looking at the stars. GAY.

Also Gabby finally manages to smack Xena with her staff! In the nose! But did she really do it? Or did Xena just let her do it? Hmmmm.... Either way, Gabrielle adores her. Obviously.

Those are totally eyes of adoration. Then they kiss and make up.

That is my all time number one favorite Xena/Gabrielle moment by the way.

Renee: "Oh, stop that you two!"
Lucy: "C'mere and gimme a cuddle."

So cute. There is no way I did this episode justice, but it was so much fun! Hope you enjoyed!

*No slippery eels were harmed during the production of this motion picture despite the reputation as a fine delicacy in select cultures of the known world.*


  1. Wonderful Recap, my fav episode.

  2. Thanks so much for recapping this episode, definetely one of my favs too! Thanks also for throwing in bits of the commentary, I don't have the DVDs so I haven't heard what they said before!
    Aww, so cute at the end!

  3. I've just read all your recaps after discovering them in the course of my routine Xena-related googling yesterday. Here's the thing... I am concerned that I may have developed a Tyler Durden-like alter ego and am in fact authoring this blog MYSELF in my sleep because everything I think about these episodes, you say! Please confirm or deny for the sake of my sanity. Thank you! Keep them coming because they're hilarious :D

  4. ::twitch::
    I'm starting to go into recap withdrawal!

  5. Xena aired when I was so young (esp since where I lived it aired later than in the US), but now you're making me re-watch episodes with these awesome retro-recaps! Plus, your favorites are always hilarious to watch. I'm so glad I found this blog!!

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