Monday, June 13, 2011

Episode 17: Royal Couple of Thieves

Whoohoo! We're on a roll today! My plan is to make it through the entire first season before I start grad school next week. Because once that takes over my life we're looking at one or two recaps a week, instead of one or two a day like I've been doing. So! Moving on!

BRUCE CAMPBELL! BRUCE CAMPBELL! BRUCE CAMPBELL! I absolutely adore this man. He's like the lovable uncle I never had. I think he is the quintessential cheesy actor and, like I've said before, there is nothing I love more than cheese in my TV.

Now, I know he is called Autolycus, but I'm going to refer to him as Bruce at all times. Because really, no matter what character he's playing, he's just Bruce Campbell. Some might say that makes him a bad actor, and I'm not disagreeing with that statement, but it really only makes me love him even more.

We are introduced to Bruce as he steals a giant shiny ball we are supposed to assume is a diamond or something. Xena is on to him. He tries to run. A fatal mistake. Xena will always catch you! Silly Bruce, you amuse me so. Especially since what he actually stole was a cleverly disguised ball of rock sugar.

Xena and Gabby are equally amused.

So our heroes have a proposition for Bruce. Blah, blah, blah, plot, plot, plot. They want him to steal something. He is after all, The King of Thieves.

Off they go! Undercover, of course. You know, there's really just no way to appropriately capture the humor in this episode. Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless work great together comically.

Xena starts doing her dancing thing to distract everyone while Bruce makes a copy of the key they need. I mention this because it's an excuse to post a screen cap of Lucy Lawless dancing. I'm shameless.

Okay, Xena and Bruce have managed to steal the thing they were after, but now the assasin Bruce was pretending to be has captured Gabby and reveals that Xena and Bruce are fakes! Noooooo! Gabby!!!! She's just always in trouble isn't she?

Good thing Xena is always there to save her! Now Xena and Bruce have to get back the treasure chest thing, but Gabrielle gets captured... AGAIN. Wow, Gabby. You're really failing in this episode.

Fight, fight fight, Xena saves Gabby AGAIN and gets the treasure chest back AGAIN. Apparently the treasure chest contains the Ten Commandments. Of course it does. I love Xena history.

The day is saved! Bruce goes in for a kiss goodbye and Xena gives him the ol' handshake. Gabby's little smile is my favorite. Talk at you next time Xenites!

*No ancient and inflexible rules governing moral behavior were harmed during the production of this motion picture.*


  1. When I watched this episode for the first time, I drooled over Xena's dance... *now drools at the picture* Loved when she climbed up after falling over board and says: "Yes... You left something hanging on the line."
    Also, I thought the track she dances to was included in the OST... but no :(

    Anyway, keep up the good work! (b^_^)b

    P.S.- Suddenly I got the urge to create a gif with that dance looping forever so I can look at it over and over.. xD

  2. Yes! I love that quote as well! She and Bruce are so great together. Also, you should DEFINITELY make a gif of that dance xD

  3. great recap but i totally wish there had more pictures of xena dancing