Thursday, June 2, 2011

Episode 2: Chariots of War

Okay, so I totally lied about that next week thing. Maybe it will be every other week later... but I have a break between terms right now, therefore I am going to do as many episodes as I can before grad school tries to take over my life again. Onward!

I'm pretty sure I remember not liking this episode very much. We'll see. Here we go again with Gabrielle making Xena a better person, and Xena teaching Gabrielle some street smarts. Seriously, they are so perfect together.

There are some SUPER adorable little New Zealand kids in this episode. All of the kids in this show are mightily adorable, as well as bad actors. But their cute makes up for it.

Okay, some sort of evil warlords attacking the little village. Same old, same old. Xena saves a kid. OH NO SHE'S BEEN SHOT WITH AN ARROW! Oh, wait. This happens ALL the time and the Xena in future episodes would never have let that arrow touch her. But, I digress.

Some dumb story line where Xena thinks she might be falling for a guy. A similar dumb story line is happening with Gabrielle. See, this is the early part of their "friendship" where they aren't quite ready to admit their feelings.

I remember why I don't like this episode - A total lack of SUBTEXT! But Gabby always makes things better with her sweet, sweet smile.

Xena puts on a lame blue dress that completely does not suit her. Regardless of how good Lucy Lawless herself looks in it. The point is that Xena is obviously not in her own skin and Lawless is such a good actor that it shows.

A bunch of boring plot points later where Xena and Gabby are still trying to pretend they're straight, and we get to a glorious scene where we watch Gabrielle try to ride Argo. HILARIOUS.

More boring plot points, and Xena and Gabrielle realize they are way happier together than with the one time male characters on this episode. OBVIOUSLY.

Xena: "Do you ever miss your family?"
Gabrielle: "Sometimes. But not as much when I'm with you."

Aaaaaaaaw! And again they walk off together, to return next time for more recap excitement!

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  1. But Gabby always makes things better with her sweet, sweet smile.


    Re that last shot: I always felt so sorry for Gabby---well, for ROC---walking in the mud in that long skirt, the first half of S1. Just ick.