Thursday, June 2, 2011

Episode 3: Dreamworker

One of the best opening scenes EVER = Gabrielle playing with Xena's sword. Get your mind of the gutter right now! But seriously, could Renee O'Connor be any more adorable? I think not.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the episode of the "breast dagger". A spectacular weapon that LITERALLY pops out of Xena's boobs throughout the series.

So there are some words of wisdom from Xena lecturing Gabby about not using a sword. Aw, she's trying to protect her lady! As usual, Gabrielle does not listen. They are already like an old married couple, and it's only the third episode!

The people in this episodes town are totally creepy. Which makes sense with the plot later. What is REALLY important is the hilarious scene between Xena and Gabby upon the discovery of the infamous breast dagger.

Xena: "What's the matter with you?"
Gabby: "What do you mean?"
Xena: "I dunno, you just seem... bigger." (We all know where Xena looks first)
Gabby: "No, I'm not. It's just this mountain air. I feel motivated."
Xena: "You didn't find a sorcerer to enhance your motives did you?"

Oh, this show. I love you. Then of course, we get this gem.

Gabby: "It's not like your breasts aren't dangerous enough!"

These two! Already noticing each others boobs way more than two friends who are "just friends" would do. I don't really look at my BFF's breasts very often. Now my PARTNER, that's a different story. So now this whole "just friends" thing can be put to rest. They are far more than simply really good friends, they just don't know it yet!

OH NO! Gabby has been kidnapped! Again, this will become a very common trend. That Gabrielle. She's always getting into some kind of trouble. So there's a whole bunch of plot here, wherein Xena has to go into the dream world to rescue Gabby from Morpheus. What's actually important is that we discover Gabby was born with six toes on her right foot. What? So very random. But apparently that makes Xena know for sure it's the real Gabrielle and not some dream phantom. Why? Because only Gabrielle would say something that ridiculous.

AH! DARK XENA! It's like Dark Link from Ocarina of Time, but way sexier. I love it when they use the black contacts. So simple a trick, for so creepy an outcome.

Good Xena defeats Dark Xena and saves Gabrielle! Yay! Plus, Gabby gets to punch a bad guy. BONUS!

Another beautiful moment between our heroes, and some words of wisdom from Xena. They learn so much from each other, and THAT is why they are soul mates. Until next time Xena fans!


  1. Xena: "I dunno, you just seem... bigger." (We all know where Xena looks first)


    What's actually important is that we discover Gabby was born with six toes on her right foot. What? So very random.

    I actually love that little detail. Even though it's never mentioned again, I think it's another sign that---even before she was conscious of it---Gabrielle felt different. Her parents (and midwife, town healer?) knew she was different. Different as in "just not cut out for Potedian village life---as a Potedian village wife!"---different. True dat!

  2. Oh, where are my manners?

    HiccupingRhino (great handle!), nice to meet you. Love the blog, OBVIOUSLY!

    Just want to add early, that I'm dedicating my participation here to the memory of my friend Cath---"Bard Cath" or "CathBard", as she's known in her fanfiction (posted at AUSXIP and elsewhere).

    Cath was the finest, most dedicated Xenite I ever knew. I knew her online first, and then IRL. We spent many happy "Xena Mini-Marathons" together, ~2005-2010. Cath passed away from lung cancer in March, and I still miss her terribly.

    Cath had a special fondness for Renee (purely platonic, unlike horndog moi!), and met her several times (Renee even called and left a message for Cath, after she got sick a couple of years ago).

    As I make my regular ROC-inspired drooling&thud-ing, I will know that Cath is with me . . . to point out Renee's talent, and not merely her, um, attributes! ;-D

    Love ya, Cath...

    On w/ the show!

  3. "Eets forihvah chaaanged": heh, Lucy's American accent was so shaky early in the series...

  4. It is very nice to meet you JCF! And thank you for the touching story about your friend. I hope my blog can continue to fuel your Gabby infatuations!