Saturday, July 23, 2011

Episode 33: A Solstice Carol

We open on a very very angry king. He's all grumpy because he hates the winter solstice. We'll call him Scrooge King.

Gabby and Xena are wandering around shopping for gifts to give each other. Gabby is being all super adorable and laying down the ground rules like no peeking, no spying on the other one shopping, and nothing more than five dinars. Xena is having none of it, and is all, "Why don't I just give you five dinars so you can buy something you really want?" Oh, you two. They are such the married couple.

Blah, blah, blah, we figure out the grumpy Scrooge King has banned all forms of Solstice celebration and Gabby and Xena stumble upon some orphans who need help because they were caught celebrating by the Scrooge King's guards.

Xena takes out the guards by gift wrapping them with her chakram. Gabby makes that little gift wrapping joke and Xena looks at her like she's crazy. Again, adorable old married couple.

Sooooo we find out this guy who works for the king doesn't really agree with him and actually used to be a toy maker. His name is Senticles. Hmmmmm... sounds familiar. Anyways, Gabby reminisces about this old lamb toy she used to have that she loved and then lost. Awwwwww.

More plot. Plot, plot, plot. All we need to know is that the old king is Scroogey because he lost his wife. Now they have to fix his heart and make him find happiness again. Cue the three spirits!

Xena and Gabby are having a little alone time while concocting their plan.

They really just love touching each others arms for extended periods of time for absolutely no reason. I always do that with my BFF whom I have no romantical feelings for. Oh, wait...

Oh, Gabby. She's given dinars to go off and get costumes for their plan, but instead she ends up buying a donkey to save his life so his ex-owner doesn't take him to the tannery. Granted, he is a pretty cute donkey. And his name is Tobias, which is adorable.

Blah, blah, blah, lots more plot. Let's focus on the adorable face Xena makes at Gabby when she tells her about the donkey she spent all of their money on.

Gabby's big soft heart is one of the main reasons Xena loves her. Even if it is always getting them into trouble.

Moving on! The spirits have started their work. Xena is dressed up as the fate of the past. She's hilarious with the comedic acting as she drags the king through his past life. Then we get to see Gabrielle dressed up as his long gone wife. Also equally hilarious with the comedy.

Next, we get to see the fate of the present. Also Xena with a new voice and even more hilarity. Lucy Lawless is so great with voices!

Meanwhile Senticles, Gabby, and Tobias are wandering around like the three stooges. Senticles has put on a disguise (made of a white beard and red suit) and has a bag of toys to give to the kids. Yay!!

D'aw, okay these little New Zealand kids singing a Solstice carol are ADORABLE. Just as a side note.

Still, the Scrooge King's heart hasn't softened yet! Aaaand some soldiers are attacking the orphanage. Senticles and Gabby get by the guards by going down the chimney... Oh this show.

In the spirit of Home Alone, Xena takes on all the guards by using the toys from Senticles' bag of goodies. There is a Hercules puppet...

Yay! Guards are defeated and it turns out the grumpy kings wife left him because he was acting like a jerk. She also happens to be the head of the orphanage and they are reunited when he apologizes for acting like a big grump and vows to turn his life around.

Later, Xena and Gabby run into a couple with a baby and Gabby gives them Tobias to ride since they have a long journey ahead of them. The woman's name is Mary. The baby starts glowing... Xena and Gabby are responsible for ALL religions. True fact.

Last but not least, Xena gives Gabby her Solstice present. It's the little lamb toy she used to have. Awwwwww!

Gabby: "I don't have a gift for you!"
Xena: "Gabrielle, you are a gift to me."

*Senticles was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, several chimney's are in dire need of repair.*


  1. xena is exactly right. gabby is the gift that keeps on giving. and i found this youtube video you might like and also

  2. and also this one ok thats it. my gift bag's empty. lol

  3. First and foremost, all of your comments have cracked me up! Secondly, I have seen those videos! I've got them all favorited on my YouTube account xD They are so great. Have you seen the Subtext for Dummies chapters? They are HILARIOUS.