Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 15: Warrior...Princess

YES. I love these episodes. Any episode with a Xena body double in it is going to be glorious. Mainly, because Lucy Lawless does some of the funniest voices/physical comedy on the PLANET. Obviously the shows creators and writers are taking advantage of Lawless' incredible skills because in the Xenaverse there are a ridiculous amount of women who surprisingly look EXACTLY like Xena, except they're not. We get to meet one of them now! Princess Diana!

Lawless completely changes the way she moves and speaks and it really does make me think there are two of her. It's spectacular! So basically there are some assassins out there trying to kill spoiled Princess Diana so the king wants to switch them up so Xena can catch the person behind the assassination attempts. Yeah, because putting your daughter in Xena's clothes and setting her out in the world is going to keep her out of harms way. Have you seen how many people want to kill Xena? Ridiculous.

Side note, I love it when Xena strips down to her under clothes.

Where were we? Oh, right.

Diana and Xena are switching clothes. Diana tries to "lighten up" Xena's outfit by tying red ribbons to it. Ha! It looks so awkward. Xena quickly takes them off, telling her that she has to convince people she's her, and she likes dark. Duh. Then Diana, dressed as Xena, rides out of the castle to meet Gabrielle with a note from Xena explaining everything. While riding Argo side-saddle. I love how many little lol moments there are in this episode.

Gabby beats up her first baddie all by herself! Yay! She looks so confused by the way Diana is acting, then she reads the note. The note still doesn't convince her though. "So... you're Princess Diana? Who just happens to look exactly like Xena? Ha! It's test day again, isn't it?" The thing that convinces her is when Diana starts to cry like a big blubbery baby. It's not that Xena wouldn't cry, she's not a robot! But she would NEVER cry like that.

Moving on. Xena isn't faring too well pretending to be Princess Diana either. Apparently Xena is incapable of being soft spoken or dainty. I'm loving Lawless in this episode! She's just so great at comedy and I love when this show gives her the chance to really let that show. She AND Renee O'Connor! They are always at their best when being hilarious.

Meanwhile, Diana is brushing Argo's tail. Ha! I bet Argo is fine with that! Gabrielle is attempting to teach her how ordinary people spend their time. Diana is appalled and vows to change things in her kingdom when she goes back to being princess. Then they sit down for some lunch and share it with this random starving family. One of the kids asks Diana what her chakram is, she replies, "It's my round... killing thing!" Gabby's all, "Chakram!" to which Diana responds, "Bless you!" Renee O'Connor's WTF face cracks me up.

Back to the palace we go! The look-a-likes need to switch back. Gabby has other ideas, obviously.

Gabrielle: "Nice place! A girl could get used to this!"
Xena: "Well, don't. We're leaving here as soon as I can get out of this outfit."
Gabrielle: "I like it."

If those aren't googly eyes, I don't know what are. Yay! The day is saved! Our heroes go on to subtext another day!

*Neither Xena nor her remarkably coincidental identical twin, Diana, were harmed during the production of this motion picture.*

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  1. those aren't googly eyes. those are let me check out my friend's rack before she notices eyes. LOL